Why I do what I do

A wise colleague once asked me the following 4 questions that still inspires and reminds me why I do what I do. I thought that I would also share my answers with you in the hope that you might ask yourself the same questions and come up with your own answer.

Why are you in business?

For me – I genuinely love to help people. I love so many of the relationships I’ve had and ones I look forward to having.

Financial issues tend to be one of the greatest areas so many struggle with. I loved the way my dad had a lot of trust in his accountant when I was young and what he did for us. That’s how I first got into my profession and why I still love it today.

I particularly enjoy the entrepreneurialism business owners take on, the challenge, risks and potential rewards. Business is a backbone of society and the opportunity create employment, products and services that people can benefit from, and to create a place where people can come to – as team and customers where they can see our business and see something different about us.

What do you want?

I want to see our organisation getting results. I live by the mantra that ‘if you just help enough people get what they want then the rewards will come. If we keep the focus on our clients everything else tends to look after itself.

Personally – my wife Ange and I have four children. Investing time together, education, fun, health, some travel and balance are all important.

Longer term I am driven to be involved in some benevolent and philanthropic activities, in Australia and overseas. I enjoy going to non Western Countries where we see how the other 90% live – very humbling and we soon realise how little we really need. Maybe I should start something counter cultural here!

What direction should your business take you in?

We are currently being challenged to take a number of directions – service offering, industry focus, succession, national expansion as a group of firms, collaboration with others, acquisition …

Watch this space…….

What do you want to be famous for?

Helping 300+ business owners run successful businesses (by their definition), create meaningful workplaces, retire comfortably, leave a legacy and a be able to reflect on a fulfilling life.