Here are the key things that CEO of the West Coast Eagles, Trevor Nisbett, tells us about running a successful professional AFL football club and how this also relates to running a successful business

At a breakfast with him this morning, here were some key things:

  1. It takes time to start up and time to turn things around
  2. You need to focus on grass roots first
  3. You have to take calculated risks
  4. People – take time┬áto recruit the right ones. You have to have ones you can train and trust.
  5. Core Values – be clear on them and communicate them. WCE only have three.
  6. You will never keep everyone happy!
  7. It’s ok to make mistakes. Have a balanced approach when people make errors.
  8. Skillsets are not enough – you need the right mindsets.
  9. Like governance but don’t stifle innovation.
  10. Get your marketing right. Let your actions do the talking …

Hope you found this interesting!