The start of the new year is when many of us reassess our goals and ambitions. But has your financial advisor got a copy of yours for this year?

With 2016 well under way, you may have long forgotten about your resolutions. But has your accountant or financial advisor prompted you for a copy of your goals this year ?

There is a great opportunity in this first quarter of the calendar year to look at your objectives as a catalyst for a valuable conversation with your advisor.

Family situations, career paths, business changes, key relationships, community affiliations, health status and leisure interests are all dynamic aspects of life that change.

Some alternative ideas for you to consider this year are:

  1. Rethink the timing of downsizing the family home now that children have moved out (or need to !)
  2. Considering working reduced hours as a result of a new opportunity to contribute to a charitable cause
  3. Explore the possibility of relocation to live closer to a family member who may be facing health challenges
  4. Taking advantage of a redundancy offer to in order to change career paths
  5. Discover that water skiing is a great family sport !

At ROCG Accountants and Advisors I believe our role is to assist our clients to achieve their aspirations that require money and planning. That’s ultimately what they pay us for.

To do this we promise to do the following:

  1. Listen with an open mind and start with a blank piece of paper
  2. Don’t judge you on your choices, experiences and preferences
  3. Try to understand your beliefs – exploring WHY you want something not just what you want or how you want to get it
  4. Investigate implications of your decisions
  5. In some cases re-define our own relationship with you.

If you are ready to share your goals with us this year and how we could begin or continue to work with you, simply contact our Perth ROCG office on 6315 2700 or email me on

Thanks for the read, I hope I got you thinking …