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Australia’s crack at moving from number 20 to number 1 on the Bloomberg Innovative Countries Index

Former CEO of global giant GE, Jack Welch, said:

… if the rate of innovation outside an organisation is less than the inside then the end is near!

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Here are the key things that CEO of the West Coast Eagles, Trevor Nisbett, tells us about running a successful professional AFL football club and how this also relates to running a successful business

At a breakfast with him this morning, here were some key things:

  1. It takes time to start up and time to turn things around
  2. You need to focus on grass roots first
  3. You have to take calculated risks
  4. People – take time to recruit the right ones. You have to have ones you can train and trust.
  5. Core Values – be clear on them and communicate them. WCE only have three.
  6. You will never keep everyone happy!
  7. It’s ok to make mistakes. Have a balanced approach when people make errors.
  8. Skillsets are not enough – you need the right mindsets.
  9. Like governance but don’t stifle innovation.
  10. Get your marketing right. Let your actions do the talking …

Hope you found this interesting!

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New Years Resolutions

The start of the new year is when many of us reassess our goals and ambitions. But has your financial advisor got a copy of yours for this year?

With 2016 well under way, you may have long forgotten about your resolutions. But has your accountant or financial advisor prompted you for a copy of your goals this year ?

There is a great opportunity in this first quarter of the calendar year to look at your objectives as a catalyst for a valuable conversation with your advisor.

Family situations, career paths, business changes, key relationships, community affiliations, health status and leisure interests are all dynamic aspects of life that change. Continue reading “New Years Resolutions”

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China – Booming economy or bubble at breaking point!

Four of our Perth financial advice team had the opportunity to visit mainland China in the last week. We had our annual Count financial planning conference in Shanghai between 4th-7th May. We then stayed on for 5 days to have a look around.

What we learnt

Our dealer group and fund managers gave us some incredible insight into the China economy. We had the opportunity to also visit seven manufacturing facilities in Shanghai including Baosteel, Volkswagon, Longking, Coca Cola, General Motors, The Urban Planning Centre, and the one I attended Shanghai Zhenhua Industrial Co (ZPMC). A production scale I’ve never seen before in my life. ZPMC manufacturers 70% of the world’s port container facilities, plus ship cranes and bridges. Their facility at the Shanghai port is 5 kms long ! They own 22 ships which they recently used to build a bridge for San Francisco and prefabricated it in China and shipped it across for assembly!

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Shanghai Trade Visit 2014

On Tuesday 6th May, at least 6 of our ROCG team (Perth and Sydney) will be in Shanghai as part of a Financial Planning Conference from Sunday to Wednesday 4th-7th May.

We will use the opportunity to get a ‘backstage pass’ into some of China’s biggest companies.

An exciting opportunity to see first hand the powerhouse Chinese economy in action.

See attached Count On Growth Shanghai 2014 PDF (3.5mb) for details.

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